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New station area for quality - Trinenweb

New station area for quality – Trinenweb

After three years of construction and renovation, the redevelopment of the South Gouda station area is finally ready. No less than three new bike sheds, a new bus stand and a renovated station hall represent a brand new station area.

Quality Station is an important junction in the center of the Green Heart where Sprinters and Intercity trains arrive and depart. More than 30,000 people use this station every day, and in order to keep the traffic flowing and not make the area crowded, a redesign was inevitable. A complete renovation of the station began in 2011, with the station itself renovated with lifts and escalators for easier access and new roofs were installed for the platform.

In 2014 a canopy was established on the north side of the station. In 2019, the renovation and expansion of the bus station, bike sheds and station hall on the south side was started. Jeep Tracks 4 and 9 were also removed in October 2019 to make the platforms wider and more convenient for more travelers. These tracks have not been used for decades. Until 2009, the previous HTM LightRail was in use with the lower platform, which then walked to Alphen aan den Rijn with special lighting equipment (Bombardier A32 kits).

the shift

The entire public space in the station area has been overhauled. For example, there is a new bus station, a new pier has been laid, there are more seats and more attention has been paid to green spaces. Two new bicycle roofs and a renovated bicycle parking basement direct the various bicycle routes to the station. The parking facilities provide space for 3,000 two-wheeled vehicles. Remarkably, the bike shed, just like the “town house” next to the station, has distinctive strobowail patterns. Gouda is very famous for this delicacy.

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The station hall has been upgraded with new retail spaces, including an AH 2 Go, an additional toilet, a new entrance that leads directly to the buses and now even a piano, in typical Gouda cheese style. Unfortunately, Döner had to leave the field due to the construction of the new bike shed, and the roof of this work is now separate from the station hall and now serves as a roof to house it at the bus stops.

The rest of the station building has been converted into a sustainable station with renovation. Sun-resistant glass was installed, and the station also invited gas-fired central heating boilers and opted to switch to heat pumps.

grand opening

The renovated station officially opened on Friday, July 8. The directors of ProRail, NS, the province of South Holland and the municipality of Gouda participated in the opening and unveiling of four sculptures by artist Joe Otterwal. These artworks stood on the original station building from 1948 to 1983, but then disappeared elsewhere. Now that they have been renovated, they once again decorate the quality station to which they belong. Five other decorations were already in the station lobby.

Photo Gallery

The renovated Gouda station area (Photo: NS)
New bike shed that can be found immediately in this station area via a bike path. (Photo: NS)
There are three parking spaces at the station. In total suitable for 3000 bikes. (Photo: NS)
Renovated station yard. (Photo: NS)
The new bus stops at a fixed platform. (Photo: NS)
The opening was the unveiling of four restored statues. (Photo: NS)
Waders waders on feasts mark the opening. (Photo: NS)
Renovated station hall with AH 2 Go and soon more stores. (Photo: NS)