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New trucks from now on 1.0 three cylinders

New trucks from now on 1.0 three cylinders

faithful TopGear Reporter Cas Pedal sends us an exclusive news article (but sometimes also monthly, or only when he feels like it) and guarantees you won’t read it anywhere else. The message was checked and found to be correct for the full 1.00 percent. or not. Probably.

Now even the fat V8 engines from AMG Can be replaced with four cylindersTruck brands cannot be left behind. An anonymous source at a major Swedish brand says that a new truck is under development with a 1.0-liter three-cylinder gasoline engine. In most cases, the three cylinders are assisted by an electric motor. This economical turbocharged engine will replace the brand’s V8 diesel engine.

According to the source, a V8 engine is no longer necessary with the current technology. The same power is easily obtained with the three-cylinder hybrid and “everyone knows horsepower is the most important number in the spec.” When we asked about the pair, he said he trusts “I’m sure someone on the team has thought of that.” After nervously writing on his phone, he hurried out the door.

According to the source, which is no longer accessible, the three-cylinder truck will replace about 69 percent of all V8 diesels. The arrival of the three-cylinder engine will also ensure access to environmental areas in the future, once diesel engines are permanently banned. The number has been reported to be With the flame in the tube Already rewritten to With a gentle consumption and a full charge of the battery.