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New US ambassador banned from entering Nicaragua


Hugo Rodriguez, the new US ambassador to Nicaragua, is not welcome in the Central American country. The Nicaraguan government clarified Thursday. Rodriguez was accused of “interference” and “disrespect.”

Source: Belga

“The government of Nicaragua, exercising its powers and national sovereignty, immediately revokes the recognition granted to Hugo Rodriguez,” Nicaraguan Foreign Minister Denis Moncada said in a statement.

The secretary defended the decision by referring to the ambassador’s “disrespectful” statements to the US Senate Foreign Relations Committee on Thursday. It said Rodriguez “cannot interfere in national affairs that only concern Nicaraguans.”

Criticizes Nicaragua

Rodriguez was nominated by US President Joe Biden to be the new ambassador to Managua in May. But on Thursday, Nicaragua was “increasingly becoming a massive country in the region,” he told a US Senate committee hearing.

He added that removing Nicaragua from the CAFTA-DR free trade agreement is a “very powerful mechanism” that should be “seriously considered” by Nicaraguan President Daniel Ortega to allow.

Relations between the United States and Nicaragua have been tense since the brutal suppression of a protest against Ortega’s regime in 2018. Hundreds of people died as a result. Tensions escalated after he was elected to the presidency for a fourth term last year. The election was dismissed as a sham by Washington, due to the arrest of several opposition candidates.

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