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New Veere College wants to reduce parking fees

Not surprisingly, the new council of SGP, CU, VVD and Hart voor Veere (HVV) wants to change the parking policy. This is because the dissatisfaction with the current parking policy was due to the municipal elections held in March. This is the reason why the previous colleges PvdA / GroenLinks, CDA and DTV lost the election.

Plans are not yet firm, but the new council wants to tackle toll parking in Westkappelse Zeedijk, as entrepreneurs want to reduce the fees they pay for parking permits for their employees, similar to winter parking fees. Pay in the evening. Tests will be conducted at Zutelande and Dishoek centers with lower parking fees.

The new council seeks to improve municipal services for citizens and entrepreneurs. The municipality should better inform what to expect in this area. Permission must be granted sooner than it currently is.

The sale of a second home is prohibited throughout the municipality, except for amusement parks. The new council wants beginner and young families to find a home in their own municipality. The municipal executive also restricts the extension of entertainment rentals by private individuals, but depending on the current circumstances.

Reluctant to increase the number of sleeping places in hotels and provide pensions. But entrepreneurs with clear quality improvement with a consistent and innovative plan can count on a positive attitude. The Council will inquire into the introduction of the self-occupation obligation for homeowners.

This is a message from WFM96.