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New W11 Feature: Recent Camera and Microphone Access Menu

New W11 Feature: Recent Camera and Microphone Access Menu

Microsoft has added a new privacy feature to recent Windows 11 Insider builds. For devices such as a webcam and microphone, Settings displays a list of recent software that has been able to access the device.

David Weston, Microsoft Vice President of Operating Systems and Enterprise Security, Share a screenshot for the feature on Twitter. The new addition is not mentioned in the Windows 11 Insider blogs.

The menus can be found under Privacy and Security -> Device (eg microphone) -> Recent activities. Programs that accessed the device recently will display the date and time of the last access.

Since Windows 10, access to your microphone or webcam in the taskbar is indicated by the device icon. In the settings, access to each program / application can be blocked. Combining this list of programs with this recent access list might be another option for Windows developers to simplify things a bit.


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