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Neymar can't stand Thomas Meunier's comment: "This boy talks a lot" |  noticeable

Neymar can’t stand Thomas Meunier’s comment: “This boy talks a lot” | noticeable

They were once good friends in Paris. Thomas Meunier and Neymar shared the Paris Saint-Germain dressing room for three years. In that period, the Belgian winger defender was a guest at his colleague’s much-discussed birthday parties.

There may be no more calls to follow.

The reason: an exaggerated quote by Monnier in an interview with the German Kicker. In addition to the expectations for the next season with Dortmund, it was also about Neymar.

Meunier has – as always – publicly shared his opinion of the Brazilian’s turbulent trajectory

“I must admit that I was a huge fan of Neymar when he played for Barcelona,” said the Red Devil. “The Remontada (v. Meunier’s PSG, editor) was all credit. If I were 10, I might have had a poster in my room.”

“But in Paris he lost his charm all of a sudden, I think.”

Of course, this phrase quickly spread on social media. Neymar has also spotted her on the Brazilian football account.

The dodger couldn’t control his itchy fingers and put Monnier in his place with five words: “This boy talks a lot.”

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