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No planes at Antwerp airport until October 25, some staff temporarily out of work (locally)

No planes at Antwerp airport until October 25, some staff temporarily out of work (locally)


On Sunday evening at 11pm Antwerp Airport will be closed for more than five weeks. All aircraft will remain on the ground until then, as the runway is completely renovated. That has been since 1996.

From September 19 to October 25, no aircraft will take off or land at Durn Airport. It’s no coincidence now: The peak tourist season is over, and business will be over before it starts to freeze to the ground. The asphalt is replaced and the difference in level between the track and the lawn next to it is removed. The foundations are treated as necessary, and the old lighting is replaced with LEDs. Work is also underway on sewers and sewers. There will be a large rainwater tank, which can lead to Boekenberg Park with a delay.

Some employees will be temporarily unemployed while working. According to estimates by airport commander Wim Verbist, about half will be able to continue working, and some will undergo training. Firefighters and security will continue to be present, but with reduced levels of staffing. Offices and the restaurant will remain open, and services in the public area will continue to operate.” So only flight movements are completely halted, and the control tower will be unmanned.

If you want to fly to a destination offered by TUI to the airline from Antwerp in the coming weeks, you can depart from another airport. “There is no destination we serve exclusively from Durn,” spokesman Piet Demiere said earlier.

Local residents can follow the progress of the work on the website


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