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Now with a €100 discount (or return)

Thanks to the new offer, you can Samsung Galaxy S22 Buy directly with a discount of 100 euros. Or refund the same amount after purchase. Below you can read how this promotion works, and where you should buy your phone.

Galaxy S22 at a discount or return of 100 euros

This summer too, Galaxy S22, S22 + and Galaxy S22 Ultra Of course devices that belong to the absolute in the land of smartphones. The S22 and S22+ offer fast hardware, gorgeous 120Hz AMOLED displays, and five years of software support. This is the longest support you can get in Android Land.

Galaxy S22 Ultra takes it a step further with its impressive telephoto camera with 10x optical zoom and S Pen. This is the true successor to the popular Note series, even if it no longer bears that name.

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The prices of the devices have not decreased much since its launch. But now you can temporarily get a direct discount of 100 euros if you purchase a model. In some stores you can get this amount refunded afterwards. How does this work?

This is how it works

To get a discount or refund of 100 euros, you need to do the following:

  • Buy a Galaxy S22, S22 + or Galaxy S22 Ultra during the promotional period from July 4 to 31
  • You will immediately get a discount of 100 euros when purchasing S22 Samsung itself is here Purchases. There you can also choose from exclusive colors you won’t find anywhere else – and you’ll get 25% off your Galaxy Tab S8. Check out the details of this deal for yourself over here
  • Of course you can also buy the Galaxy S22 series phone from another store. Check below which stores you are eligible for a €100 cashback.
  • To get 100 euros back after purchase, you must register until September 30 Work page here† There you must also upload a copy of the receipt/invoice and a copy of the barcode on the packaging of your new Galaxy S22. The IMEI and EAN code must be clearly marked on them.
  • Do you want help registering? You can get it from Samsung itself – check that out too work page.
  • Samsung aims to transfer the refund within 9 weeks after the registration is completed.
  • As always: we at have nothing to do with this promotion and therefore cannot answer your questions about your participation.
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Where do I buy?

As we have already written: only at Samsung itself you will receive a discount of 100 euros immediately upon purchase. But there are many stores and service providers where you qualify for a €100 cashback. Moreover, it does not matter in this promotion whether you buy the Galaxy S22 separately or with a subscription.

Top 3 Galaxy S22 Deals with Subscription:

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Top 3 Galaxy S22+ deals with subscription:

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Top 3 Galaxy S22 Ultra deals with subscription:

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Note: If you purchased your Galaxy S22 from a store not listed above, always check if the promotion has been announced. If not, first check if you are eligible for a refund of €100 with a device from this store.

More about Galaxy S22 series

The Samsung Galaxy S22 series has now been officially available in Dutch stores for quite some time now. And after a long period of operation, the devices are now easily available everywhere. The S22 and S22+ are based on the excellent design of the S21 series. However, the hardware is faster and the cameras are much improved. In addition, the 6.1-inch Galaxy S22 is one of the most compact phones that you can currently buy.

A step up the stairs is the Galaxy S22 Plus. This one is less compact. In exchange for more body, you’ll of course also get a much larger screen and a much bigger battery.