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Nuevi did not consider herself rich: “Everything was close again”

Red Bull Racing cheered in the second race in Miami. On the rough asphalt for the brand new round around Hard Rock Stadium, Max Verstappen was able to win. The Dutchman won the race relatively easily and won the Ferrari competition again.

However, for Verstappen it was not entirely consistent. He had a very difficult weekend and he did not go active on Friday due to problems with both free practices. In the decisive part of the qualifying round, the Dutch world champion made a mistake and had to start third in the difficult round. In the end, everything turned out well for Red Bull.


So Verstappen’s victory gave great relief to the Austrian team players. So Sunday betting was a leap of hope. Technology leader F1 Nation explained on the podcast: “It was a very difficult road because the asphalt in Miami was very different from what we were used to. It had granite in it. The tires here behaved a lot differently than we did.” Since there were flags, no one could have made a good long run. We do not know how the tires will work. “

Be careful

The victory in Miami brought great relief to the entire Red Bull team. This will give a boost to self-confidence, which is the second success in Verstappen’s series. However, Nuevi likes to be careful: “Everything was close together again. After the Grand Prix in Imola I said: Look at last season. We had a lot of success then, but after that we dominated less. No ‘Relax, let’s be sure of that!”

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