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Olivier Deschacht delights Anderlecht fans: "Kompany called" |  Football 24

Olivier Deschacht delights Anderlecht fans: “Kompany called” | Football 24

Saturday 16 April 2022 – 20:00 I am by the editorial board

The legends match in Wargame ended in a 2-2 draw. Team Divée de Vaux was against Olivier Descht.

Dischacht also had several big names in his team, including Milan Jovanovic and Mubarak Boussoufa. It was great fun for Anderlecht fans to see them all in action again.

With his replacement, Descht became emotionally heavy. The former defender said in sporza

It was also a real competitive match. “We’re all competition animals. We went for it. I’ve also seen that everyone can still do it, hey. It’s not that someone fell in the basket. Everyone went to get it. It makes me happy. Enjoy it.”


Deschcht heard a lot from Anderlecht. “Vincent Kompany called me, and Wouter Vandenhout congratulated me. I invited them, but with the Cup final it was difficult to get certain people from Anderlecht.”

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Deschacht heeft nog veel gehoord vanuit de hoek van Anderlecht. "Vincent Kompany heeft mij gebeld, Wouter Vandenhaute heeft me ook proficiat gewenst. Ik had hen uitgenodigd, maar met de bekerfinale was het moeilijk om bepaalde mensen van Anderlecht te krijgen."


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