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Omroep Flevoland – News – “Medical Compulsory for Graduate General Trainees”

Newly graduated general practitioners should have a duty of community service. Must have been GPs for a couple of years in an area where doctors are in short supply.

This is what GB Cheese Decker, 67, from Emmelord, argues at the Head Guessbreak show from Omrop Flavland. He was one of the folk healers for many years. After spending six years in New Zealand, he is now part-time at Greele’s GP training.

Decker came up with the idea of ​​compulsory military service for new graduates in New Zealand. There was a shortage of veterinarians. They were allowed to train for a few years – after school – in the ‘middle way’ where no one wanted to go. Mostly the rest turned out to please the new cattle.

Decker also hopes to learn about Emmeloord as a recently graduated general coach. As is well known, there is a shortage of GPS in the Nurdustfolder.

Decker: “Medical study is an expensive course in which the community invests a lot of money. Then, it seems reasonable to me to call graduates if needed. Let them work in the area where there is a shortage. GPS is up.”

Zeeland model
According to Dekker, to Noordoostpolder Zeeland modelCopy: “General practitioners work with municipalities. Physicians seek to take people to villages and towns where there is a shortage. Candidates are inspired by ‘Holy Weekends’ and job seekers for partners.”

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