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Omrope Flavond – Sports – Royer von Sprong wins Friday at the World Cup in Poland

Al Roma’s Rover Nicki von Sprong won the silver medal at the World Cup in Bosnon this weekend. Von Sprong competes with his teammate Leonard von Leorop in a two-man rowing boat (‘without two’), finishing behind the gold-medal-winning New Zealand team in the A-final.

This is the second World Cup match of the season for Van Sprong and Van Liarrop. The two, who have teamed up for the first time this season, finished fourth at the first World Cup in Belgrade last month.

Van Sprong and Van Roeb were slightly faster in the semi-finals than their New Zealand rivals. In the final, the Dutch pair were five seconds behind the gold medalists.

Van Sprang has just started training again. After his performance at last year’s Olympics in Tokyo, Almeeter chose to retire. He used the time for study and see if he would like to continue sailing upstairs. With the 2024 Games in Paris in mind, this choice is not too difficult.

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