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Open Garden Days Louisiana and Rhodohypoxies World

Apr 22, 17:29


Corsell – It is not possible to hold open garden days for two years, but people are welcome again on April 29 and Saturday April 30 and Saturday 7 May and Sunday 8 May. In the Rock Garden of Annie and App Pebblenbos. The garden can be visited from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.

One garden that has enjoyed growing interest in recent years is the Louisiana and Rhodohypoxis World Alpine Garden. The garden is slightly hidden behind a row of newly built houses. In the front garden of the terrace house, a medium sized beautiful sloping rock garden with an area of ​​300 square meters, you have already predicted what you will see behind the house. Various biotopes have been developed in the garden. Various plants from the Alps, Himalayas, Rocky Mountains and South Africa and New Zealand are planted here. Plants grown from seed, but plants that couples have acquired or purchased through exchange with alpine friends from around the world. Plants such as Lweisia, Saxifraga, Gentiana, Edelweiss are planted in the garden or on stones. The garden is set in natural stone such as duff and lava stone. There is a lot to see for the true plant aficionado. Many witches’ lanterns (small grafting needles) and grafted shrubs have also been planted. The eye-catching rhodohypoxis in the garden is a very popular patio plant and can be grown by every plant enthusiast.

Ap and Annie spend every free hour in the Rock Garden and grow plants by sowing or mowing. Rock Garden is best in the spring. Couples like to tell visitors more about this hobby on open garden days.

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Admission is free, including a cup of coffee. Visit the website for more information.