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Organization of the European Space Movement and a vision of Copernicus: the Council adopts the conclusions

EU ministers adopted two sets of conclusions: on Copernicus by 2035 and about The European Union’s approach to space traffic management† Provides these conclusions political trend Copernicus program in the European Union and strengthening The international position of the European Union in the space.

Copernicus by 2035

Copernicus is the European Earth Observation Program, which provides information services based on Earth observation via satellite And the non-space data† This information helps service providers, public authorities and other organizations (including international organizations) to improve the quality of life for European citizens. Data from the Copernican program have proven useful in several areas, including emergency responseworldwide food securityBorder control and national security.

The council’s conclusions on Copernicus up to 2035 help in future from the space programme. they contain Vision for the year 2035 and political trend for the program, which would help make Europe more resilient. There are three main pillars: the green deal, digital transformation and security. The conclusions take into account user needsNew one environmental challenges and investigation status. New digital technologies should be included in the program as much as possible.

Room traffic management

It’s getting busier in space. To meet the global challenges of this increasing traffic, regulation must be adapted. He. She Sharing capabilities, information and best practices among Member States It is critical to be strategically strong and have a good competitive position.

The conclusions on the European approach to space traffic management speak of strengthening the European Union’s capabilities for Monitor and control roomsCoordination of legislation and standardization. This will make the European Union a stronger international player in space.

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The European Union’s approach to traffic management in space will ensure a Reduce the risk of collisionNor Safe and sustainable use of space.

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