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Ostend ready to welcome 100,000 Bramstein fans (Ostend)

Ostend ready to welcome 100,000 Bramstein fans (Ostend)


All short stays in Ostend are fully booked in the coming days, and Rammstein’s double performance in the seaside town has something to do with that. The German metal band will be on stage at Park De Nieuwe Koers on Wednesdays and Thursdays, in front of 50,000 spectators at a time.

Jeffrey Ross

It promises to be busy days in Ostend. A performance by German metal band Rammstein attracts less than 100,000 visitors to the seaside resort of Park De Nieuwe Koers. In the 1990s and early 2000s, Wellington Hippodrome in Ostend was still the center of attention for fans of Bon Jovi and Michael Jackson, among others. With Park De Nieuwe Koers, the city chose a meadow festival on the edge of town, near Nieuwe Koerswijk.

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The park opened in 2019 and will indeed serve as the backdrop for Ramstein’s performance in 2020. However, the coronavirus threw a wrench in the works and the concert was postponed for a year. The concert in 2021 was also eventually canceled, so it was moved back to August 3 this year. However, success secured an additional concert on August 4.

Night train and concert bus sold out

The organization is in the hands of the Greenhouse Talent. “We started building the site on July 11th,” says Matilde of Greenhouse Talent. Last week we worked on building the platform. In total, about two thousand people are working to turn the site into a concert site. We are so glad we can organize parties again and certainly parties of this size. We note that people are well prepared to come to Ostend. Night trains and coach buses are all sold out and we also note that bike parks, park and bike parks are working fine. We’ve worked hard and feel ready.” (Read more below the photo)

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Duinkerkseweg, which runs the length of the concert site, will remain closed to traffic for the next few days. © Jeffrey Ross

Ostend has around 7,500 rooms for short stays and they will all be fully booked in the coming days. A boost to the hospitality sector and, accordingly, the entire tourist area. “Hotels report that they see a lot of Ramstein visitors in visitor numbers,” says Nils Dehut of Tourism in Ostend.

Many visitors to the Flemish West

“Besides Belgians, there are also a lot of French visitors, but there are also Dutch and Germans. On Thursday, the international audience is the largest with 11 percent. On Thursday we note that the West Flemish audience has the most visitors with 43 percent of the total number of visitors. Concerts. We also note that the cities and municipalities around Ostend also benefit from the concert, because it is also indicated that they receive a lot of bookings.” (Read more below the photo)

The stage itself looks impressive from behind.

The stage itself looks impressive from behind. © Jeffrey Ross

“When the first date for Rammstein’s performance in Ostend was announced, we noticed a lot of requests were received to reserve a room,” says Bart Bollins, Chairman of Horeca Middenkust. “It is no different now. Moreover, this audience will also visit local catering establishments. This concert is a great reward for Ostend and the surrounding area.”

Consultation with the locals

It is not yet known if Greenhouse Talent will also hold concerts in Ostend in the coming years. “We have a nice cooperation with the city of Ostend and all the services involved,” explains Mathilde. “Everything is going very smoothly. In addition, there has been close contact with the local people through neighborhood consultations. We will see what the future brings.”