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Our man watched King Charles' speech in a London pub with quiet Britons: 'Maybe it's not that bad after all'

Our man watched King Charles’ speech in a London pub with quiet Britons: ‘Maybe it’s not that bad after all’

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6 p.m. (local time) King Charles III addresses the nation for the first time. Many bars where XXL TV usually shows Kevin De Bruyne silenced all Brits. After that, many nodded in agreement: “Maybe he’s not as bad as a king after all.”

Arthur de Meyer

‘Speech? Whether it’s a file Event Will be? “The question was stupid. Standing up, she was answering. To a good hotel concierge, a police officer on the corner of a street full of pubs or a bar owner. It didn’t matter: the answer was correct.” It’s been more than 70 years since we’ve tested this. Of course it happened. Everyone will watch. Find a bar with TVs and go see,” that sounded—paraphrased—in unison.

The British capital is home to many of these institutions. Wet, slightly sour smell and almost automatic there is a big TV in the corner. Every two days a week: Sports – from darts to the Champions League. But Friday? After work Or not: BBC.

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also in Adam Eve, A pub behind the corner of Buckingham Palace. accidental noiseMy friendAnd the big vases of flat beer are clichés like the plague. At first, King Charles III was also mocked. “We just got here,” says Robb, a man in his forties from Doncaster, a town in northern England. It’s not clear if he really has doubts about the importance of the royal family in 2022 or is just covering himself up. He has his doubts and wants to wait a bit, his fiancée whispers between her teeth, but he’s not alone. The waitress joins him, and even more fiercely. are names a company A cost in the UK budget that must be cut to support the economy. You get little opposition in the pub.

But when the clock strikes six and the BBC turns to King Charles III’s first speech, silence reigns over the pub. People listen, some spin on their axis while filming. A matter of capturing the historical moment as King Charles III addresses the nation,my mom‘ Which duty Praise and then promise to do the same. The republican waitress rolls her eyes at first, but soon stops clicking and listens. “I hope that the angels of your entire flights will guide you to your comfort,” Charles concludes. The king lives, brews drunk. The whole pub follows him.

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