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OVAM maps 2,500 landfills: an important first step to reusing space

OVAM maps 2,500 landfills: an important first step to reusing space

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The Flemish waste company OVAM has painted all the old landfills in Flanders. It concerns more than 2,500 landfills, with a total area of ​​more than 100 square kilometers. The inventory should allow the space to be reused later in, say, a commercial park or nature reserve, according to a statement from the waste company Tuesday.

source: BELGA

According to OVAM, the map is an important first step to reusing space. It now plans to have all those historic landfills subject to its first soil survey by 2028. If necessary, the soil is remedied. After that, the site can be given a different function. For example, old landfills are already being reused as commercial parks, recreation areas, solar parks, or as forest and nature reserves.

Flemish Environment Minister Saturn Demir (N-VA) said. “This stock is an important first step in protecting our open space in Flanders without slowing our prosperity.”

You will find the map with more than 2500 known landfills in Flanders over here Back. The sites indicated are primarily former landfills that were used prior to 1981, when burial was still the most common method of waste treatment.

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