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Owl Jos Needs New Wheels: A Donation Campaign for "Owl Woman" with a Mission

Owl Jos Needs New Wheels: A Donation Campaign for “Owl Woman” with a Mission

Who Helps Owl Gus Get New Wheels? In other words: who helps Brigitte “Owl” with a new bus? Brigitte Fournimont has been traveling with her mothers to health care institutions and schools for years, but three weeks ago a disaster struck and her bus stopped. I started a donation campaign: “I have no other choice!”

“It’s too hot now anyway, but visiting care institutions with a rental car is getting too expensive,” says Brigitte Vornimont in her garden behind her house. The two biggest owls, Gus and Ahioka, have already sought shade. “These are the largest species found in the Netherlands. I want to let people know these strong and – secretly – gentle birds at peace.”

It has been an unlucky month for Brigitte. One owl had to sleep due to a kidney disease, the owls’ food supply was no longer desirable, and then their bus broke down three weeks ago.

“The engine has already fallen three times. I already had so much money that I worked for the car more than myself.” Brigitte was at the forefront earlier this year to raise money for her Children’s play equipmentBut now she really needs it herself. Vermont doesn’t want to know anything about giving up.

“A new bus is useless, but I’m happy if I can get to five thousand, the target amount for donation.” meditate with donation campaign To continue her mission: “Especially with older people with disabilities, it’s so nice to see how happy they are to be so close to an owl. I see their eyes change and I enjoy the way they do. I don’t want to miss it, no.”

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