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Parents of brain-dead 12-year-old Archie have until Thursday morning to transport the boy

Parents of brain-dead 12-year-old Archie have until Thursday morning to transport the boy

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The parents of Archie Battersby, a brain-dead British boy who has been on treatment for several days, were given until Thursday morning 9am UK time (10am UK time) to ask the High Court to move him to a palliative care institution. If no request is made by then, the 12-year-old boy will be taken off the ventilator at 11am UK time (12am UK time). British media write it.

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In fact, the hospital where the British boy is located actually wanted to finish his treatment on Wednesday morning. It did not happen because his parents went to the European Court of Human Rights at the last minute. However, British media reported on Wednesday evening that that court did not want to intervene.


British Sky News reported that Archie’s parents from the hospital have until Thursday morning to request a transfer to the sedation ward. In the meantime, his treatment will continue. However, according to the doctors, the boy’s odds are “none”. Because his condition is unstable, the hospital states that “moving to another place, even if it is a short distance away, is very dangerous.”

The mother admitted Wednesday evening that the legal battle to keep her son alive was “over”. She hopes that he can still be transferred to the institution, which, according to the mother, has already indicated that she wants to receive the boy.

Online Challenge

The international media closely followed the legal battle for Archie’s life for days. The boy was seriously injured when, according to his mother, he supposedly participated in an online challenge, in which the participants deliberately try to lose consciousness.

According to the parents, their son is making good progress.

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