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Parking spaces and rooftops give way to the greener Hoogstratenplein (Mechelen)

Parking spaces and rooftops give way to the greener Hoogstratenplein (Mechelen)

Of the six parking spaces, four will disappear to make more space for green spaces. © Sven van Heisendonk


The contractor will begin work this month to make Hoogstratenplein in Mechelen greener. On behalf of the city, he is removing the sidewalk, which also means that a few parking spaces will be destroyed.

Sven van Heisendonk

The city has ongoing relief projects in various places in Mechelen. The contractor has appointed Suga to transform Hoogstratenplein. In principle, it will start on Monday 19 September with works that will last about a month. Once you’re done, the box should look completely different.

Lubricate more than 300 square meters

“We want to make this fully paved square greener. In total, we will lighten over three hundred square metres,” says Patrick Prinsen (Vld-Groen-m+), Alderman at Public Works. The current planting areas in the square will be much larger and more will be added. “This way we make room for more trees and ensure that rainwater can better penetrate the soil,” says the first ships. Planting is done in the fall.

After the redesign, the box should look greener.

After the redesign, the box should look greener. © Sven van Heisendonk

By installing more seating, the city also hopes to bring more life to the Hoogstratenplein. To make all of this possible, four out of six parking spaces accessible via the Voochtstraat cul-dead will be destroyed. “We’ll keep one for people with disabilities, and another for Vlaams Neutral Ziekenfonds customers,” Prinsen says.

“Back a piece of public space”

The bike sheds on the plaza are moving to a different location. “So that the view of the huge facade of the Vlaams Neutral Ziekenfonds is clear.” In general, the city invests 150 thousand euros to rebuild the square. “We’ll get a nicer yard instead and return a piece of public space to Mechelaar,” says Patrick Prinsen.

The green space in the area may expand in the future, but this will only be possible through the final redesign of the jackets.

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