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Passengers escape from a train under fire in Spain

Passengers escape from a train under fire in Spain

A train en route from Sagunto to Zaragoza sank in a forest fire in northeastern Spain. Twenty passengers suffered burns when they smashed the windows of the train to escape.

Intense forest fires are still raging in northeastern Spain. A train on its way from Sagunto to Zaragoza in the north-east of the country, near Castellón, suddenly found itself in a fire. The train driver tried to quickly turn back away from the fire, but it was too late.

Some passengers panicked that the train would be engulfed in flames and fled after smashing windows to escape. Two of the most severely burned patients had to be evacuated by helicopter. Other injured people, including a girl of about ten years old, were taken to a nearby hospital.

“When the passengers of the train saw that they were trapped in the fire, some of them went back to the train causing many burns,” a spokesman for the Spanish railway company Renfe said. The president of the autonomous community of Valencia, Ximo Puig, said that more than 1,000 people had already been evacuated from their homes as high winds fanned flames in the municipality of Bejís.

The fire in Baijis has burned about 800 hectares of forest.

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