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Passengers spend 8.5 hours on a taxi that runs out of fuel and never takes off

Passengers spend 8.5 hours on a taxi that runs out of fuel and never takes off


Passengers spent nearly nine hours on a United Airlines flight in Newark, USA, without taking off. The plane flew on the runway for a long time until the kerosene ran out, after which there was complete confusion. The flight was eventually canceled.

The United Airlines plane was supposed to carry passengers from Newark to Denver on Monday. Due to bad weather – thunder and lightning – the departure of passengers on the plane was postponed. They roamed for three hours on the tarmac without taking off. Passengers were told they could go to the toilet and stretch their legs “but no”.

It went on like this for another three hours. Until the pilot suddenly noticed that there was not enough fuel on board to get to Denver. Passengers were notified by United Airlines to cancel their flight as they were finally released from the plane.

“But then all of a sudden the crew told us we could go up again,” said Hiroko Tabuchi, a journalist who witnessed it all. And so the climb began again. She wrote shortly: “Maybe we’re finally on our way.” “My neighbors are excited.” Until the plane stopped again moments later. “After 8.5 hours on the Newark runway, the flight is now already cancelled.”

United Airlines has not yet responded to the report.

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