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Patrick Lefevre gives unique insight into Remko's red dash: 'Meaningful, after all those sacrifices' |  Vive Le Velo

Patrick Lefevre gives unique insight into Remko’s red dash: ‘Meaningful, after all those sacrifices’ | Vive Le Velo

Head of the team, but above all a supporter of his success. Patrick Lefevre has watched Vuelta of Remco Evenepoel with admiration in recent weeks. The tough guy in Quick Step-Alpha Vinyl gave a unique insight into the trajectory of Polaneh at the Vive le Vélo table. “He’s shown he’s a great hero,” said Levere.

Four years ago, Patrick Lefevre also sat at the table of Vive le Vélo. Anonymous Remco Evenepoel has just signed with his Quick-Step team.

“I would be happy if we could win with Remco on the Tour,” Lefevere said at the time. “It would probably be from retirement home for me.”

The tough guy in Quick Step-Alpha Vinyl was on the table again with Karl Vannieuwkerke yesterday. Don’t totally plan to stop working as a team manager, let alone move into a retirement home. With Remco Evenepoel’s recent performance at the Vuelta, his dream looks more achievable than ever.

“I still hope so. We’ve always said 2025 is a good time frame.”

“Today he definitely showed he’s a great champion. Everyone was at the limit in the stage final. A real champion makes the difference there. He did it with this final race in the last straight line.”

Father (ick) Familias

Evenepoel appears to be way ahead of her growth schedule. Lefevere himself is also surprised by the stormy development of his rider.

“I would be lying if I said I expected this. I was going to think about top 10 and maybe winning a stage, but of course I was hoping for more. It means a lot to him and us. We know the sacrifices Rymco made.”

It’s no secret that Lefevere has a close relationship with Evenepoel. Besides the team leader, he is above all a big supporter of the success of his team. From the first day, when young Remko entered his office, Lefevere took care of the teenager.

I have often been a better father to my team than my children

Patrick Lefevre

He told Evenpole’s parents that he would watch their son as if he were his own. It turns out that this wasn’t an empty sales idea. “I’ve often been a better father to my team than my kids.”

On good and bad days. “We’ve been teased as a team in recent years by the downfalls of Jacobsen and Eveningpool. I was torn apart and then felt very close to the Eveningpool family.”

Even now the team manager – with all his craziness – is watching his rider like a guardian angel. Not in the front, but behind the scenes.

“We can’t sell the bear skin before we shoot it. Our team is currently having a moment of glory, but I’m trying to keep everyone everywhere calm. I don’t want the Remco mania he felt in the Giro anymore.”

“I myself leave him alone as much as possible. I contacted him through short phone calls and Whatsapp messages, but basically left him alone.”

Chart to red

Confidence in Evenepoel is high. Even from a distance, Lefevere saw that everything was fine. As a good family man, Lefevere also managed to prove this statement in detail.

“I’ve seen in the past few days that Remko looks at his meter a lot. Only the last 100m has gone into the red, like today. That shows he’s very clear and knows what he’s doing.”

Rimko’s opponent, Enrique Mas, is also an old friend of Lefevere, who sees a huge difference between the two parties. “I know Mas of course. I set him up with the guys because he had a lot of talent. He’s an excellent rider and a beautiful person, but he lacks some killer instinct. Remko has that.”

Everyone criticized, but we showed that we have a high-quality climbing block

Patrick Lefevre

Finally, Lefevere also spoke on behalf of his team, which was previously questioned, and gave them some good advice. “Everyone criticized, but we showed we had a high-quality climbing block. The leader is only as good as his team.”

“Now we can’t allow ourselves to catch ourselves anymore. Let others lead one by one. When we slowed down a few days ago, AG2R immediately took the lead. For 10th place, please. We have to take advantage of that from now on.”

Lefevere actually went to Spain today to put those lessons in the ears of his knights. And to extinguish the wind from the wind from close.

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