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Paul van Vliet calls on men to take action for better health care for women

Paul van Vliet calls on men to take action for better health care for women

Singer and comedian Paul Van Fleet He makes a passionate appeal to all men in the Netherlands. He wants them to work for the best Health Care for women. There is very little knowledge about the female body, which means that it is often misdiagnosed and may sometimes die.

Paul van Vliet delivers his appeal in a video message as an ambassador for Voices for Women. It is an initiative of former nurse and journalist Myriam Kaiger. She wandered by herself for ten years with unexplained health issues. Doctors put it in the case of fibromyalgia or menopause. In the end, she was found to have a parathyroid tumor and was diagnosed with it thanks to a fellow patient. This condition appears to be particularly common in women.

Concern that women receive the same treatment as men

“Our wives and daughters and girlfriends and daughters are treated like men in healthcare. This sounds equivalent, but it is concerning,” emphasizes Van Vliet. “Because a woman’s body gets sick differently than a man’s body. Eighty percent of all patients with unexplained complaints are women. This is why more research is needed to find out what causes this.” According to Kaijer, this is not a problem only for women. “It affects all of us. This is evidenced by the many responses we receive from men who tell us how it affects the whole family.”

Paul van Fleet – Photo: © Roy Beusker

little men

Compared to countries like Canada and the United States, our country lags far behind in terms of gender-specific care, according to the professor. Dr. Bart Fuser, Professor of Reproductive Medicine and Gynecology. “Women are still treated like little men, even though we know that the state of hormones has a huge impact on all the organs of the female body. There are clearly differences between males and females, and they are often not well recognized in Dutch healthcare.”

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More search

The fact that there is so much ignorance about hormone-related complaints is evident from the hundreds of responses received to Women’s Voices. “Health problems often coincide with menstruation, pregnancy, and menopause,” says Kaiger. More research is needed into the female body and the unexplained complaints that women have to deal with. The man’s body is still the standard upon which medical knowledge in the Netherlands is based. While 60% of women experience more side effects from medications, heart attacks in women are missed regularly and more than 75% of those with autoimmune diseases are women. “


To bring attention to gender-specific healthcare, Kaijer started a petition that has already been signed nearly 33,000 times. Paul van Vliet also asks all men in Holland to sign this petition: “Men of Holland, do not leave our women out in the cold!” Voices for Women, founded by experienced women, will continue to advocate for further research into the female body. They will also help the large group of women with unexplained complaints with information, contact their fellow sufferers and help them find the correct diagnosis. Sign the petition at: