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Pauline (23 years old) managed to win the heart of Junior Blankart

Pauline (23 years old) managed to win the heart of Junior Blankart

Junior Blankart sought and found love. On Tuesday evening, Eddie and Krista’s youngest member announced that he had seen the perfect match in HR consultant Pauline and that he wanted to build a future with her. They still do so today. “We’re so happy we’re finally getting out together, and that’s what should have gone on for a month,” Pauline says with relief.

As is often the case with television programmes, recordings of “Newbie looking for love completed for a while. Four months ago, Pauline, 23, met Junior Blankart, 29, while watching TV in Flanders. She lives in Celles, a small village across the border of language. However, she almost sees herself as a full-blooded Flemish West, and is completely bilingual.

Her father hails from Kerkhove, which is a sub-municipality of Avelgem. He followed love to Wallonia, where Pauline was eventually born. However, she has spent her entire student years in West Flanders, from Kindergarten in Outrijve to Vives College in Kortrijk. She still lives at home in Sills, but now works as an HR consultant in Waregem.

don’t compete

Junior’s calm nature and unique lifestyle prompted Pauline to join the program, as did 600 other young women. The interest was mutual as she ended up with the remaining eight candidates who all wanted to prove they were Junior’s best match.

With a Walloon mother and a West Flemish father, Pauline is perfectly bilingual. © Thomas Geuens VRT

“It was kind of competitive, I never had that competitive feeling. Sometimes it felt like we were traveling with eight friends,” laughs Pauline. “In the end, it became more and more difficult for Junior to share with the other girls, because of course everyone wanted to spend as much time with him as possible. But there was no rivalry. I still had a very good relationship with Ati and Delphine. They honestly gave it to me.”

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There were adventurous group dates and romantic one-on-one outings, but Pauline fell in love with Junior in an unguarded moment: “We were in the car at the racetrack. I can’t explain it very well, but suddenly we looked at each other differently than before. We were just talking. Quietly, nothing special. However, in that moment, I felt like I was really choosing him. That look of him said more than a thousand words. I decided to open up more than I already did.”

“Suddenly he looked at me in a different way, and then I fell in love with him”

Riding on the racetrack is – not unexpectedly – one of Pauline’s top three favorite moments, followed by the trip to Paris and her first solo date with Junior. It sounds blunt, “but we also had lovely moments without Junior, just with the girls.”


despite all cheerful Of course it was still a knockout race. “I’ve always had a moment of losing weight with trembling knees. You really can’t predict who’s going to be sent home. Especially at the end Junior felt fine, but you never sat down safe Pauline says. “Even when it was just me and Ati. In the last hour before the epilogue, I couldn’t stand the pressure anymore, I guess I saw every corner of the room as I walked. I didn’t really know who would choose.”

In the last hour before the finale, I couldn’t stand the tension anymore.

She became Pauline, an athletic West Flemish who pursued flying and shopping as a hobby. “It took so long for the realization to sink in completely, and I had to let it sink in for a while. All my emotions were shaken within a few minutes, and it was so crazy.” It seems that Junior made a good choice, because after four months the relationship is still going strong.

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Building the Future

“Things are going well,” she reveals in her early twenties. “It’s not obvious, we finally got to know each other at such a fast pace in three weeks while he had to split his attention among all the girls. I thought it wasn’t until the cameras were gone that it could really start. We meet regularly and are really happy. Now that we’ve managed Finally from getting out together we take another step forward as a couple. I find it very exciting to see how our love will continue to grow. We don’t have any concrete plans yet, but I hope we can build a future together. I look forward to all that is yet to come! “

Watch on VRT now in . format Stephanie is looking for you How Junior and Pauline experienced the months following the epilogue.