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Pension Planner now also as an app |  money

Pension Planner now also as an app | money

There is now also an app for planning your retirement. Passive investment specialist Brussels fintech easyvest has launched the first pension app that brings all relevant data in one place on a smartphone.

The Belgian pension system is complicated: who knows exactly how much and when? “Retirement is not only a complex, but also a deterrent,” says Antoine Bouvi of Ezefest. So pension planning is usually always put off. However, it is important to be well-informed: for many, the sum of the statutory and supplementary pension will not be enough, something that the Belgians are now aware of. ”

The problem today is that a clear public picture of the financial income that a person can dispose of after their career is often lacking. “All the data for that is available, but it is in different documents, and on different platforms,” says Corentin Scavée, co-founder of easyvest. “Our free app is the first to bring together all the data, from all four pillars of pensions, in one place, with a simple tool on a smartphone.”

The easyvest app, in its own words, goes beyond the mypension of the government platform, where you can also find out the amount of the statutory pension (based on income) and supplemental pension (via supplemental insurance such as group insurance for employers or VAPZ for self-employed). amounts. “For example, our app takes inflation into account and also includes the third pillar of pension savings,” Skavi says. “It is also possible to take into account equity capital, such as any rental income or inheritance, to eventually arrive at one amount available per month.”

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The great added value, according to the developers of the app, is also the ability to set your retirement goal and take immediate action to achieve it. Bouvy: “Our job as a financial asset manager is to bridge the gap between what a person will receive and what they need as a comfortable retirement amount with a personal savings plan. We use a flexible investment portfolio based on index trackers (ETFs) made up of stocks and bonds.”

Using the easyvest app is free. The tool can be downloaded from the App Store and Google Play. (SPK)