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Peter Oster on CL Group Club Brugge: "The return leg against Leverkusen should win the match immediately" |  Champions League

Peter Oster on CL Group Club Brugge: “The return leg against Leverkusen should win the match immediately” | Champions League

Club Brugge will start a new adventure in the Champions League against Leverkusen on Wednesday. Later, it is followed by Atletico Madrid and Porto. “A meaningful group, say the somewhat naive Belgian football watchers. But do they know who Taremi or Evanelson is?”

Club Brugge has been dreaming of spending the winter in the Champions League for a few years now. Last season, that was almost impossible in a group that includes Manchester City, Paris Saint-Germain and Leipzig.

“Now they have a little more future prospects with Leverkusen, Porto and Atletico Madrid,” said Aster Nzimana on the CL podcast in the De Tribune. “But it turns out that this is a small percentage that they are paying through.”

“I don’t want to immediately disappoint the club’s fans,” adds Peter Vandenbett. “But I looked at CL entries in Porto, Atletico and Leverkusen: the number of times they’ve been eliminated – and therefore fourth – in the last 10 years is 3.”

“For example, it is said about Leverkusen: This is the level of Club Brugge. I will be very keen on it! After all, Leverkusen has never been eliminated. From the last 9 times in the Champions League, 7 times I went to the second round, and the other two times they moved to European League.

“Porto are also used to 1/8 finals, sometimes quarter-finals of the Champions League. They always sell their best players, but there are always the best new players.”

“Atletico may not have been Atletico for a few years, but there is still a difference between qualifying in the Champions League and getting to the level enough to beat Club Brugge.”

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First they call it “possible”, after a few duels it is “a little less feasible”, then it becomes “mathematically it is still possible” and finally “impossible”.

Peter Vandenbempt in CL Special De Tribune

“Implementation will be very difficult again, even in EL”

Peter Vandenbett: “This is a group that is feasible, a somewhat naive Belgian football observer says. In the end, a good municipality does not know who Taremi or Evanelson is. But Porto is a club that buys a defender for 20 million.”

Feasible by the way is the word most used after a tie – even if the club doesn’t mention it themselves. As the matches progress, it becomes ‘possible’ than ‘a little less feasible’. After that it is ‘only’ mathematically still possible.’ And finally it becomes ‘impossible’. “.

“Clubs like Manchester City or Paris Saint-Germain might come here and say, ‘What is this here? Brugge? Bff!’ They play without focus and you can catch them or get a draw. But with someone like Conceicao (Porto coach) it won’t happen and Simeone (Atletico coach) would rather die.”

The home match against Leverkusen is spot on You must win the game“I think it’s good that they start against them immediately. In Leverkusen’s current form, you now want to play against them as soon as possible,” says Aster Nzeyimana.

Vandenbempt: “What can Elverenberg (the third-tier team that eliminated Leverkusen in the cup, editor) also have to be able to do? Although Leverkusen will be sharper now than then.”

“I think it will be very difficult for Club Brugge again, even to get into the Europa League.” Aster Nzimana agrees, “I agree.” “But the success rate is a little higher than last year.”