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Phyllis Matsu: "Should Anderlecht become more union-like? I don't know" |  Conference League

Phyllis Matsu: “Should Anderlecht become more union-like? I don’t know” | Conference League

Felice Matsu has led Al Ittihad towards the preliminary rounds of the Champions League, but will therefore play with Anderlecht in the preliminary rounds of the Conference League.

Did he watch Union’s amazing win over Rangers on Tuesday? “No,” he told Peter Vandenbett in Estonia. “Honestly: I came home too late and then went back several stages.”

“I am very proud of the group I worked with for two years. It was a Mazo-style achievement? A Federation-style achievement. It was a victory for a group that had not changed much and is now in the hands of Karel Gerarts.”

Anderlecht is now in the hands of Felice Mazzu and Purple & White can use some ingredients from the kitchen of Brussels’ neighbors.

“I don’t know if Anderlecht should become like the Federation. Doing the same with your new team is not easy, because the criteria are different. But in terms of participation, I would like to achieve the same spirit as with Union.”

In the league Anderlecht can correct a defeat like Circle later, in Europe there is no room for error.

Matsu: “This club hasn’t made it to the groups for several years and we’re trying to change that. We have to show respect for them, but qualifying can give positive energy that we can take to the competition.”

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