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Pictures show how Princess Claire lost her temper with Laurent during the show

Pictures show how Princess Claire lost her temper with Laurent during the show

Princess Claire, 48, has emerged as an unexpected centerpiece of the national holiday, her first in three years. She never stopped being with Princess Delphine (54) and was not surprised by her husband Laurent’s angry behaviour. At that moment after.

Wim Dehandschtter

“stand up!” Claire lost her temper for a moment when her other half wanted to sit down too early during the National Day military and civilian parade. She gave him a wonderful look and then looked forward with strain, like a mother who had scolded her naughty son.

It was one of the many times Laurent showed himself undisciplined during the hour and a half of the show. Claire has always noticed, but she has always been wisely silent. When did he take his phone out of his inner pocket again? She was used to it from previous shows. That he yawned several times and on one occasion gave the impression that he had fallen asleep? I took that for granted. But he did not stand during the passage of the ambulance? Faye!

The short reprimand did not dampen Claire’s mood. She grinned from wall to wall. And she was always having fun with her other neighbor on the runway: Princess Delphine. For Claire, it was her first national holiday in three years. In 2020, she was in quarantine after contracting the coronavirus. Last year, she was absent for unclear reasons, sparking rumors of marital problems with Laurent.

Delphine was previously expected to attract attention on her second national holiday since being recognized as King Albert’s daughter. And that Princess Elizabeth will demand her share of attention. Also the heiress is visible in a red dress from Victoria Beckham. But in the meantime it comes under the public eye so easily that it seems self-evident.

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