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Podcast Tips |  Daughter of slain Putin enemy opens her book

Podcast Tips | Daughter of slain Putin enemy opens her book

Boris Nemtsov fought Putin and paid with his life. In an excellent podcast, his refugee daughter talks about his life and legacy in Russia.

You must be made of stone or very wealthy to remain unaffected by rapidly rising energy prices. Annual bills became monthly bills. Are we really going to bill those ridiculously high advances? And can we still relieve the pain? Energy specialist Pascal Serten answers the most important questions in DS today.

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Could the solution come from the technology itself? Dominic Dyckmin saw how smart home appliances themselves save energy. He will tell you all about it tomorrow bits and atoms. The science and technology podcast made a comeback last week and then had some upsetting news: The Loch Ness monster could exist (it exists).

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Accessible, informative, and well-produced: Another Russia scores points.

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1. Did Russia lose democracy in advance? Zhanna Nemtsova doesn’t think so

According to the listening numbers in our podcast app, Putin, the BBC’s ten-part Putin biography, has been listened to with great interest. Maybe I’ll make you warm too Another Russiaa similar podcast about Boris Nemtsov, Putin’s enemy who was shot in 2015 just a stone’s throw from the Kremlin.

With her daughter Zhanna Nemtsova as co-host, the approach is more personal. She is a journalist and is determined to keep the memory of her father alive. She finds an unexpected ally in Ben Rhodes, Obama’s former security adviser. Who wants to know why tyranny has spread all over the world.

Together they tell the story of the Nemtsov family, which symbolizes modern Russian history. The parallels with what is happening today in Ukraine and abroad are self-explanatory. It’s an accessible and well-produced series with a solid arsenal of amplifiers.

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Podcast Tips |  Daughter of slain Putin enemy opens her book

View (difficult) about polarization on the Dender.

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2. From the Dender District to the Bible Belt

For Vlaams Belang, it seems as clear as day: in the year 2024, Forza Nineveh obtain an absolute majority. Captain Jay DeHasseler missed the mantle at Ninove four years ago. Local tensions also prevail in the rest of the Dender region and the far right garnered a record number of votes. He will not fall on the waters of the river, so the Hannah Arendt Institute is bent on itself the morning About polarization in the dander.

Journalist Ward Schöbe, with Professor Stijn Oosterlynck, will research the cause and solutions of the territorial division. They talk to experts, midfielders and locals. The problem is that podcasts seem a lot like a socially responsible project. What they say makes sense, but you listen to it as if you were sitting on solid wooden benches in the hall. Lots of reading, few podcasts.

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Podcast Tips |  Daughter of slain Putin enemy opens her book

Road trip through the Dutch “Bible Belt”.

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To hear the difference, just listen to Dutch The Evangelical Belt. Two loyal journalists M Notice how the gap between a strict Protestant society and the rest of Holland is growing proportionately. Where the ‘Reformation from the Dutch Bible Belt’, often jokingly referred to as the ‘Refo’, was seen as a curiosity in the past, nowadays they are alarmed by their extreme views on abortion and gays.

Just like in Dunderstrek It is about polarization and a stigmatized society that owes it in part to itself. the difference? At least something is going on here. For example, journalists visit a camping site in Zeeland, where the beach is prohibited on Sundays. They talk with pastors, scholars, and (former) believers. As a participant, they think about their own memories and opinions. For example, Berendien Tetelepta and Jorina Haspels are not always taken seriously by their colleagues as practicing Christians in a newspaper editorial.

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