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Pokémon: UNITE celebrates its first birthday

Pokemon: Unite

Release date:

July 2021


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a program:

Switch iPhone

It’s almost time! Pokémon: UNITE, the free-to-play Pokémon MOBA, will soon be one year old. And to celebrate, we get a lot of gifts.

Fortunately, you don’t have to circle the date, because to get these gifts you have to sign in on five different days between July 21 09:00 and October 13 01:59. This should not be a problem even for most casual gamers. Players will then get the following gifts or a hundred Aeos coins if they already have them:

• Day 1: Pikachu + Fashion Style: Pikachu
• Day 2: Lucario + Concert Mode: Lucario
• Day 3: Blastoise + Firefighter Style: Blastoise
• Day 4: Snorlax + Bedtime Pattern: Snorlax
• Day 5: Silvion + Checkered Style: Silvion

Also, new UNITE licenses will be released for the game. We got Glaceon on July 21, followed by Buzzwole on August 4 and Tyranitar on August 16. Three more will follow in September, but it is not known who they are.

July 21 is more than the first day you can get free merchandise. It’s also the start of the Cake event, where you can collect icing to exchange for rewards until September 2, 1:59 AM. This will also include the first of three Boss Rush events, which will run from July 21-24, August 1-7, and August 15-21, and the Ice Glaceon Challenge, which will grant you a UNITE license for ice cold eeveelution.

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Also new in the game are the boost stickers, whose name says everything you need to know. These come in bronze, silver and gold flavours. This can help complete the 9th Battle Pass, which coincides with the Pie event. Here, players can earn Holowear for Band Style Pikachu and Songstress Wigglytuff, and special tickets that allow them to earn rewards from the first two seasons. There’s also a new Holowear for Decidueye, the Tuxedo Style, but you only get it if you reach the Ultra rating.

Finally, there will also be more focus on friends. A person who starts UNITE after getting an invite can get Bonfire Style Slowbro by winning ranking matches. Whoever sends it also gets goodies, including Holowear tickets. And if you bring players who haven’t played in over two weeks to play together, you’ll be rewarded for that.