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Polderfest 2022 is bigger than ever. “We grow with space in Dronten”

The 10th edition of Polderfest will take place on Saturday, July 30th. This time, the festival is bigger again in terms of scope and content. According to the organization, “We are growing along with the space in Dronten.”

For the anniversary edition, the organizers are expecting 3,500 visitors, who will find two stages, an upper lineup and a dining hall. A “light” version was released last year. Visitors this year can expect a smashed version.

A serious and beloved festival

What started in 2012 as a small party for friends is now a serious and popular festival. Since we’ve moved Polderfest from Swifterbant to Dronten, we’ve been getting and taking the space to celebrate, evolve and grow. To this end, we have also been actively working with Dronten Gives You De Ruimte (DGJDR) since this year. Polderfest is now considered more than just a mature event, according to the organization.

From party to full festival

The organization is proud of this edition’s collection. One of the most famous rappers in the Netherlands, Bizzy, has taken the stage, as have Q-Music, Jan Biggel and the famous group Buren van de Brandweer.

The material design is also more complete and expansive this time around. There are two stages, bars, a food court, a coin system, anything that turns a party into a festival.

Finding their way well

In conjunction with the DGJDR, a map has been developed so that thousands of visitors can also find their way. According to the Polderfest team, this 10th edition will be a blast. As in the cake, the light and sound display is much better, noise cancellation is also provided in the tent.

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The latter ensures that the locals will be less disturbed or undisturbed by the festivities. That way, it’s still a party for everyone. Quality feast even. With the widest setup and A-list lineup, Polderfest is a great slate with Defcon.1 and LowLands.

new possibilities

The move from Swifterbant to Dronten in 2019 created many new opportunities. “Thanks to this innovation, Polderfest has not only been able to think bigger, but it has also been able to do more: something that has been a dream of the group of friends behind Polderfest for years.”

The organization works closely with the municipality of Dronten and many entrepreneurs in the area, in order to make the event one step more professional each year. The organization hopes to allow Polderfest to grow even more in the future. For this, cooperation with the DGJDR is of great importance, according to the organization.


We work together to communicate and use each other’s networks. In addition, we launch campaigns together to increase our visibility. For example, DGJDR launches a campaign on social media in which two tickets are awarded ten times (see .

Ticket sales have started. cards over here Available.