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Political comment from Italy's far-right party after praising Hitler |  Abroad

Political comment from Italy’s far-right party after praising Hitler | Abroad

Party leader Giorgia Meloni, who could become Italy’s prime minister, has been working for weeks to give her party a respectable image and forget its fascist origins.

Calogero Pisano is the party leader in the Sicilian province of Agrigento and is part of the National Party leadership. He was removed “with immediate effect” from all of his internal positions.

“He does not represent the Party of Italy in any way and is not allowed to use the party’s logo,” a press release said. He will also have to respond before the party’s governing bodies, which could impose further sanctions on him.

In a 2014 Facebook comment about a new party slogan, he wrote that it reminded him of a “great statesman 70 years ago.” He made it clear that he was not talking about Benito Mussolini, but about a German. Other reports also expressed his admiration for fascism. The newspaper “La Repubblica” published these publications. “Deep roots never freeze,” said the deputy head of the centre-left Democratic Party, the Partito party.

As a young party activist, current party leader Meloni described Mussolini as a “good politician” in the 1990s. Today it seems that “nostalgia for fascism” has no place in the movement.

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