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Popular series are back with other faces

Popular series are back with other faces

“And now the forties, perhaps?”. That was the question from the cast the thirties He laughed to himself after the end of the original race, which ran from 2019 to 2022. But no, they’re not 40, just another 30-day set to take charge of them.

Young people in their thirties meet Laura, Neil, Jonas, Robin, and Sami at Chiro. First, as a member, they were up front together. All those Sunday afternoons, camps, game nights, and drops and mussels feasts created an especially strong bond. They laughed, cried, fought, teased, consoled, and sometimes even kissed together. They know each other through and through. De Chiro was family and still friends.

In addition to the deceased Shiro, the men of the group share another passion: cycling. Every Sunday – a hangover or no hangover – they meet. Everyone has a different motive: friendship, a physical challenge, or a new pint afterwards on the balcony. All close friends live in Flemish Brabant. The new series is set in the greenbelt around Brussels, where the group can often be found cycling – or afterwards having an aperitif on the balcony.

Generation challenges

Each of the friends faces the challenges of their generation and the expectations that come with age. They feel the pressure of their environment and society more and more. Reaching the age of thirty is a milestone in everyone’s life. The point where you’re really supposed to grow up: settle down, have kids, build your career to the fullest, buy your home… This stress can be motivating, or just stifling. Each of the friends deals with it in his own way. In good faith but sometimes with wrong choices or wrong ideas.

Leading roles are played by Gilles van Heck, Emma Murtgat, Malik Muhammad, Sophie Joan Waters, Issam Daqqa, Roman van Houtfen and Idale Samad.

The former cast of the movie “The Thirties”.VRT image

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