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They say that being well prepared is half the battle. And while in my experience this definitely makes things easier, sometimes it can also be nice when something happens spontaneously. For example, Airhead wasn’t on the schedule when we went to gamescom to visit HandyGames, but I’m glad I did.

If you had to describe this 2D puzzle platformer, it’s hard not to make comparisons to Inside and Limbo. Like these two titles, Airhead is a story told through short environments and events, but without elaborate text and scenes. And like those two titles, it’s a totally grim story.

keep your head up

Despite the title of the game, you start without a head. Like a man with a torso and limbs, he can move blocks and jump with them, but not much more than that. This changes once you’ve been in the game for ten minutes and find a head torn from one of the life forms on this planet. A header that you can, for whatever reason, put it on and use it.

You might think this would make things easier, but that’s not the case in many ways. To keep your head alive, oxygen must be pumped into it. However, 0² is not something that roams freely in this atmosphere. So you have to breathe in oxygen bottles and run through puzzles like crazy to get to the next stage. You also have to regularly lower your head, since then you need to move your hands, for example.

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The Airhead gameplay session lasted about 15 minutes and in that time I slowly saw the puzzles, but it’s definitely more complex. It was still clear on the level, but if that momentum can be maintained, I’m sure Airhead will be mentioned by others at the same time as Limbo and Inside.


If Airhead’s positive first impression can be extended to the full game, I expect a title that will appear on many of the top lists. But even in the worst case scenario, I can’t imagine that this title would not be received favorably. Can this version come soon please!?