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Preview: Mario Strikers: Battle League Football

Preview: Mario Strikers: Battle League Football

Last week we already had the chance to meet Mario Strikers: Battle League Soccer To start. During a gaming session at Nintendo’s Dutch headquarters for about an hour, we were able to try out different parts and form a first initial opinion. The final referee will only follow when we are able to play the entire match.

Then in February of this year Mario Strikers: Battle League Soccer Announced, it was a sweet surprise that few players could have hoped for. While both the Gamecube and Wii versions of the game have performed well, it seems Nintendo has forgotten about the franchise. So nothing could be further from the truth and the game will finally be released on June 10.

Mario Strikers: Battle League Soccer It is, as the name implies of course, a football game. But with Nintendo sauce. where for example Mario Kart It is a racing game, where the elements and chaos are important, and so is this game. The good news is that it plays as usual. During the match, you will, of course, have to score as many goals as possible. The challenge here is the timing of charging shots, tackles and passes.

The multiplayer has a nice dynamic and ensures that matches often play well. This is partly because your teammates can bombard your opponents. What’s also nice is that picking up items feels less random due to the item boxes in the field. This makes the game mostly dependent on the quality of the players rather than luck.

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The unfortunate thing is that not much is done regarding the characters in the game. For example, there are no longer character tones during the introduction of the game, and there are no special attacks from the characters (in the form of side characters such as Dry Bones and Boo). Plus, the characters seem to be a lot less grumpy, something that was often a nice addition to the atmosphere in previous parts.

Fortunately, there are also a lot of good traits in the area, although there are not some of my personal favourites. The different outfits are nice, for example (which also affects your character’s stats), but the animations you see from them are also a real plus. It is still unfortunate that the stadiums look a bit lackluster. Unlike the previous parts, the unique parts are not present and it often looks like you are playing on the same playing field with a slightly different look.

In general, there is a lot of potential in it Mario Strikers: Battle League Soccerbut the last game should show if it’s really cool!