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Primus Roglic wins in his fourth victory over the Vuelta: 'It will be an exciting battle' |  Vuelta

Primus Roglic wins in his fourth victory over the Vuelta: ‘It will be an exciting battle’ | Vuelta

Start with the ultimate win in 2019, 2020 and 2021 Primoz Roglic As a Vuelta favorite, though he himself is unsure of where he stands after retiring to the Tour.

Roglic crashed into the cobbled stage, then rode for a few more days, but ultimately failed to start the fifteenth stage. “At least I feel better now than then,” the Slovenian said during a newspaper interview when asked how he felt.

“Sometimes I still have problems with some efforts, but I’m at the beginning here and that means I’m feeling ready. We’ll see how things develop in the coming weeks.”

With 3 total wins at Volta (2019, 2020 and 2021), Roglic is currently performing in the same way as Alberto Contador and Tony Rominger. His fourth win in a row would put him on a par with record holder Roberto Heras.

“Of course it’s a drive to become a joint record holder. It’s something special and I strive for the ultimate victory, that’s the goal anyway.”

The Vuelta starts Friday with the team’s Trial time. In 2019 the team fell Leaky paddling pool through which water seeps into the track. “We haven’t explored the ring yet,” Primus Roglic says.

“We will do it on Friday when the roads are closed. It’s an important first test, the time differences will already be recorded, but the big differences will only happen later.”

“Well you have to finish this time trial well and it’s always good to start a big round with a good score.”

As usual, Roglic does not immediately wake up from the opposition. “I’m not really interested in my opponents. I just look at myself, because in the end: only this is in your hand and I think it will be an interesting fight.”

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