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Prince Andrew hails the Queen: 'I will always cherish your trust' |  Queen Elizabeth II passed away

Prince Andrew hails the Queen: ‘I will always cherish your trust’ | Queen Elizabeth II passed away

It was an open secret that Prince Andrew was the lover of Queen Elizabeth II. In an official statement, along with a 1960 black and white photo of his mother holding him in his arms, he wrote that he would miss the Queen, especially her “visions, advice and sense of humour”. He also wrote that he found her “limitless to her knowledge and wisdom”.

Literally writes. “Better Mummy, your majesty, three in one. Your Majesty, it was an honor to serve you. Mother – to the nation – your devotion to the homeland was unique. Your people show their love and respect in many ways and I know you watch to pay their respects. Mummy, I will always cherish your son’s love, sympathy, care and trust. I have found your knowledge and wisdom infinite.”

“How I will miss your insight, advice and sense of humor. But when your book of experience closes, another opens. I will always be close to my heart with utmost love and gratitude. I will be happy to continue with you as my guide. May the Lord protect the king. “

Andrew retired from public life in 2019 after his friendship with pedophile millionaire Jeffrey Epstein came to light. His military positions were stripped, including those of colonel in the Grenadier Guard. Also, in person, Prince Andrew made an arrangement with a woman who accused him of sexual assault. It has never been confirmed, but Andrew is said to have paid the woman £12m. Virginia Joffrey also brought him against him for sexual assault when she was 17. Andrew always denied.

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