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Prince Laurent expresses contempt for Elizabeth's funeral: 'It was a shame'

Prince Laurent expresses contempt for Elizabeth’s funeral: ‘It was a shame’

Prince Laurent expressed himself in an interview with Walloon newspaper La Dernière Heure Extreme contempt for Queen Elizabeth’s funeral guests. According to the prince, there were “many ordinary citizens who take themselves seriously and do everything to show themselves.” He adds that the Queen would not have appreciated such a charade.

King Philip and Queen Mathilde were present at Westminster Abbey on Monday, and Prince Laurent did not go to London. When the prince died La Dernière Heure When asked if he didn’t like to be there, he set off on a small sermon sermon. “There are so many ordinary citizens out there, so-called officials who take themselves very seriously and people with excessive ambitions who have done everything to show themselves there, that I choose not to impose myself,” it seems.

He continues, “How many people pushed themselves to be at this event?” “It hurts. By the way, I don’t think the Queen would have appreciated it. It’s a shame.” The prince says he has a certain legitimacy for being there, more so than some others, but he is a reserved person and does not want to impose anything.

Moreover, there is another reason why he is not in London, says Prince Laurent. For meetings with foreign dignitaries, permission must be sought from the government. “I think this is surreal,” the prince continues. The same is true of visiting some relatives abroad, he says, such as his godmother who lives in Lausanne. We used to live in a democracy, but I need permission to visit relatives. This is outrageous.”

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