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Proton comes with a new corporate identity and subscription prices – tablets and phones – news

Yes, but privacy is not an issue with email anyway.

Take a look at your mailbox. 90% of the mail you receive comes from or goes to Google, Microsoft, and some other big names. So they are simply seen by these mail servers on the way. Because if you send an email with someone who also doesn’t have to go to Proton, that email should go over the internet in plain text (the connection itself is probably TLS these days, but the email is handled in plain text by the receiving server).

PGP is possible but it’s a vague fringe (and it can also be on top of those other services!). What’s the point of using a proton then? The email is simply lost. It’s time for a new service designed for today’s problems (not only in terms of privacy, but also spam, sender spoofing, etc.). All the “solutions” that have been devised, such as SPF, DMARC, etc., are nothing but half-hearted ones.

What’s left is that storage, but you can also throw encryption on it yourself with others. I do it myself with Cryptomator and am very satisfied with it. Even photos from my phone are instantly encrypted on OneDrive. For VPN, I prefer Mullvad, I prefer not to connect my VPN to other services.

So I don’t see the added value, outside of token support for a privacy-friendly provider.

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