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"Public space belongs to everyone"

“Public space belongs to everyone”

Nadia Stiliano, a member of the D66 council, from the municipality of Utrecht wants to conduct a trial with the public terraces spread over various neighborhoods and parks in Utrecht. “Every inhabitant of Utrecht should be able to enjoy the city, the public space belongs to everyone. But for residents of Utrecht on a budget, visiting the catering terrace is very expensive. There should also be a place for them,” says Stiliano.

Stylianou says public terraces are already a hit in many cities. “Residents read the newspaper, talk to each other, eat lunch, relax and enjoy the surroundings. The spaces are also used for meetings, reading sessions and outdoor education.”

She believes that such places should also be created in Utrecht, especially because not everyone can visit the catering terrace. Stylianou: “Because of the high prices, a glass of soda quickly costs more than 3 euros. That’s a lot of money for people who don’t have much to spend. That’s why we stick to public balconies where people can meet and relax. Without worrying about money.”

Stylianou wants to launch a pilot program in a number of city centers and parks in Utrecht. Alderman-Schildmann has now also indicated that it will consider options to start such a pilot.

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