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Publicity is still necessary to elicit consequences after abusive behavior |  Suspension

Publicity is still necessary to elicit consequences after abusive behavior | Suspension

It’s not the women talking – #MeToo, that’s what happened to me – nor the media frenzy getting men like Van Drimmelen in trouble. Their transgressive behavior is the cause and they take others in the wake of their bad behavior, writes Editor-in-Chief Renee Ripma.

Frans van Dremelen has rescinded his membership in D66. The party board and party leader have apologized. This did not happen by itself. The report describing the cross-border behavior of the party’s leading van Dremelen was not discussed for a year. Only a part was revealed and it seems that Van Dremelen and party leaders even thought about publishing de Volkskrant From last Saturday the matter has been settled this way.

It is perfectly understandable that private matters are kept confidential. Rarely is anyone helped when the love life is on the street. If aggressive behavior appears, the offender does not appear attractive, but the disclosure can be distressing to the victim as well. But it only becomes really painful when the infringing behavior is demonstrated, and the statement ends up in a desk drawer and there are no consequences associated with it.

Then you could argue, as Van Dremelen did, that a media frenzy is forcing you to quit. Or you are a man and openly admit that your behavior was acceptable and never will be. You should have realized it right away, but unfortunately you’ve had a plate in front of your head for a year† that you put one fellow in particular in a very uncomfortable, if not unsafe, position, and in the process you also inflicted misery upon your party and party leadership.

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Thus, by overlooking one, the bar for expressing yourself about it is raised a bit relative to the other.

Van Dremelen condones his behavior. He did “stupid things” because he was “smitten, stupefied, and angry.” Something many can move on to† Thus, by omitting one, the bar for expressing yourself about this is raised a bit relative to the other.

It also happens when people very easily talk about the party leader’s resignation due to the “Mito matter”. This happened earlier when Marc Overmars stepped down as technical director at Ajax and when Jeroen Rietbergen left as squad leader at Ajax. Holland sound† It always distracts from what really matters. Not speaking on behalf of a woman (#Metoo) or media distortion leads to resignation. These men had to resign due to their infringing behavior. This makes you think that they still need publicity to realize that their behavior is intolerable.

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