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Queen Corgis find new homes with Prince Andrew (and his ex-girlfriend)

Queen Corgis find new homes with Prince Andrew (and his ex-girlfriend)

In 1944 – and then still – Princess Elizabeth received a dog for her 18th birthday from her father, King George VI. The family had previously owned Pembroke Welsh corgis, Dookie, and Lady Jane, so Elizabeth got one too, naming it Susan. The beginning of a long and legendary love for the dog breed. Over the course of her life, Queen Elizabeth has had more than 30 dogs, nearly all of whom are Susan’s offspring.

Much has been said and written about the Queen and her dogs. It is said that Queen Elizabeth said that her dogs are like family. Princess Diana, Charles’s first wife, sometimes called dogs “carpet walking” because they followed the Queen everywhere. You read a list of their names like Whiskey, Sherry, Sugar, Myth, Mint, Buzz, Brush, Geordie, Smoky, Dash, Dime, Disco, and Dipper. They reportedly had their own “corgi room” where they slept in wicker-woven baskets with pillows. They also had a chef who regularly served them fresh rabbit and beef.

In addition to the corgi, Queen Elizabeth was also the proud owner of the dorgis, a cross between a corgi and a dachshund. The first dorje at Buckingham Palace is said to have been the result of an “unexpected encounter” between a Tine Corgi and a Pebken, the dachshund of her sister Princess Margaret. The Queen would have been very lovable to grow more of them over the years.

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