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Queen Elizabeth cancels event again: 'Her own expectations hold her back' |  Property

Queen Elizabeth cancels event again: ‘Her own expectations hold her back’ | Property

kingsQueen Elizabeth, 96, was celebrated more than ever last week. Britain celebrated its seventieth anniversary for four days. Unfortunately, she herself was less present at the festivities than originally planned. In addition, next month it will again withdraw from the Commonwealth Games, an important sporting event. Is her health really that bad?

Queen Elizabeth will not officially open the Commonwealth Games in Birmingham on July 28. This year she will hand this mission over to her son, Prince Charles (73). Other members of the royal family will also attend. The organizers of the games told the newspaper “Daily Mail” that the Queen has to surrender due to her growing weakness.

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Queen Elizabeth has been dependent on a walking stick for some time. © Getty Images

According to royalty expert Robert Lacey, the Queen does this mainly because she wants to avoid embarrassing moments in public. “Her high expectations for herself is a factor in her decision to stay in the background,” he told People. For example, you do not want to travel in public places. Not because it would be painful for her, but especially so that it would not be a burden to others.”

hard to walk

Queen Elizabeth, now 96, has been having problems with mobility lately. Appeared on the balcony with a stick last Thursday. And although she did go out there, she wasn’t on the show for the first time. Her subjects fear the worst. ‘I thought, ‘How many times will I see Her Majesty like this?’ It was very sad. “I know her platinum wedding anniversary is a great occasion to celebrate, but it was sad in my eyes,” said Bill Mott, commander of Valley Forge Military Academy.

However, if we’re to believe Kate Middleton, things aren’t quite right yet. She said during a reception last week that the Queen is fine. “She’s fine, she’s so tired from yesterday,” she said last Friday, the day after the show. The Queen was on her feet all day, proudly refusing to use a wheelchair.

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