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Racing Genk confirms arrival of Wouter Vranken: 'Building a new success story' |  Jupiler Pro League

Racing Genk confirms arrival of Wouter Vranken: ‘Building a new success story’ | Jupiler Pro League

After four seasons at KV Mechelen, with the cup winning in 2019, Franken wanted a new challenge. He now finds her at Racing Genk, the club he was active in as a player between 2006 and 2009.

The deal between KV Mechelen and Racing Genk took place yesterday, and today’s official announcement follows. Franken signed an indefinite contract in Limburg. He is the successor to Bernd Stork.

“Wutter Franken stands for distinguished attacking football and places great importance on the mentality and spirit of the group. The club wants to build a new success story with him in the coming years,” we read on the Racing Genk website.

Franken also takes his assistant Kevin van Diesel and physical trainer Glenn Van Reijkjem to Genk. Their arrival led to some transformations within the club’s sporting structure. Domenico Oliveri, goalkeeper coach Jay Martins and video analyst Peter Pearsons will remain part of the coaching staff in their current role.

The role of Glenn Riddersholm has not yet been determined.

Today KV Mechelen and Racing Genk reached an agreement on the ‘transport’ of Wouter Vrancken. “Contrary to rumours, it is not the case that the club is asking for a fixed transfer fee,” says KV Mechelen. “Legally, this is not possible for Belgian employees who have an employee contract. So the clubs still have to negotiate until an agreement is reached.”

“Assistant coaches Fred Vanderbiest, Steve Bowles and Stephen Devore will remain at KV Mechelen anyway. Next week we will introduce the new arrivals to the coaching staff, including the new head coach. That way, the entire staff can start preparations on June 20,” adds the sporting director Tom Calloway.

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