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Radio Diary of September 16 – Radiovision

History has its rights. Past events, but also more recent past events. That is why we have updated the radio diary.’ A very solid update. We are moving forward more than ever and connecting with the present as much as possible. This is radio history between 1900 and 2022.

This is also history

1976: After ‘MV Mi Amigo’ landed on a sandbar on 11/9/1976, both stations had to be taken off the air. Radio Mi Amigo returns at 9:00 am on 259 m (AM 1187 kHz) with pre-recorded programs. The first record was Thin Lizzy’s ‘The Boys Are Back In Town’.

2002: Radio Magdalena immediately cancels talk shows and news broadcasts. Only music plays non-stop. Rumors about the arrival of ‘MVK-Productions’ station Cool FM are gaining momentum.

2018: Easy FM originates from the Wetstraat in Brussels. The station serves people in and around the capital city with music and information.

2021: The battle for the three national commercial FM sets will be between four files. Apart from Qmusic, Joe and Nostalgie, only Studio 100 submitted a file. SBS Belgium, owned by Telenet, is on the sidelines, but looks out of the woodwork.

1964: With 114 ‘Yes’ votes, the House of Representatives puts an end to radio and TV nurtsy with a special ‘REM’ law. However, the owners feel that the Broadcasting Act does not apply.

1996: Radio 538 launches signature campaign against planned auction of FM frequencies

1998: Talkradio will stop at 6.30pm due to less advertisers.

2003: The TV program ‘Show van Nederland’ on SBS6 is full of news. On Radio Veronica in the morning, it was not Jeroen van Inkel who replaced Doyne van Beberstraten, but Adam Curry. Even before the bespectacled presenter bids farewell to Radio 538, Rude de Wilde is tipped as his successor.

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2010: Ruud de Wild stands at Qmusic. Rumors are growing that Radio 538 will return to Noon. Jeroen Gijk, his sidekick at De Vegde, continues the morning show.

2021: Ruud de Wilde announced his return to NPO Radio 2. On 4/10/2021 ‘De Wild in the afternoon’ was relaunched.

1975: Pennine Radio begins as a local commercial station for the Bradford area.

1990: To avoid problems with other British radio stations and under pressure from the DTI, Radio Carolyn stopped with ‘Ross Revenge’.

2018: Robyn Adcroft aka Robyn Banks on Radio Northsea International ‘Mebo II’ (58) sadly lost her battle with cancer at ‘Leckampton Court Hospice’ near Cheltenham. He is a highly acclaimed engineer and DJ on The Voice of Peace, Radio Caroline, Laser 558 and dozens of other stations. Countries like Libya, Central America, Ireland and West and North Africa belong to his sphere of operations.

1966: New Zealand

The government is trying to crack down on Radio Hauraki. The Maritime Minister has demanded an inquiry into the quality of the broadcasting vessel ‘Three Eye’.

2021: Germany

The expansion of the first Bundesmux continues. From April 2022, six more will be added in Baden-W├╝rttemberg, Bavaria, Brandenburg, Mecklenburg-Vorpommern and Schleswig-Holstein. They are Henstedt, Castro, Torgelo, Betkus, Reitlingen and Pfaffenhofen, bringing the number of channels to 155.

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