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Realtek chip router big leak alarm

Realtek chip router big leak alarm

A serious vulnerability has been discovered in a Realtek chip. This chip is present in many routers of different brands. The vulnerability allows the router to remotely crash or modify the configuration, after which the corporate network can be accessed for example.

it helps Digital trust The center of the Ministry of Economic Affairs that advises companies on secure digital businesses. The vulnerability under the name CVE-2022-27255 registered. The center describes the probability that the company will use a router with the said chip as “very high”.

Weakness affects routers Of different brands also sold in Holland and Belgium. Researchers point out that To more than sixty factories We will use a Realtek chip, including Zyxel, D-link and Edimax Belkin and AsusTek. A complete overview of all affected routers is not yet available.


Realtek made security updates available to manufacturers using the chip in their products in March 2022. These manufacturers have to address these updates in their software updates, also called FirmwareThey are called updates.

The Digital Trust Center now recommends updating routers to the latest firmware soon. If the router manufacturer does not support it, it is recommended to replace the router. The center helps entrepreneurs do business securely digitally.

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