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Record 2.3 billion criminal coins discovered

Record 2.3 billion criminal coins discovered

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The Anti-Money Laundering Cell – the Financial Information Processing Cell (CFI) – indicated that there were 2.34 billion euros of suspicious financial flows from suspected criminals to prosecutors in our country in 2021. This is evidenced by the annual report of the Independent Finance Commission, which both de Tijd and Knak and Leko to see it.


That’s a record number, double what it was in 2019, of more than 1,200 cases the cell found serious enough to go to court. The money comes from all kinds of illegal practices, such as fraud (628 million euros), organized crime (549 million), serious tax fraud (486 million), the illegal trade in arms and other goods (382 million), and social fraud. (149 million).

Luxembourg was the main destination (34 percent) and origin (43.5 percent) of all suspicious financial flows observed in our country.

The Anti-Money Laundering Unit has received the winds of suspicious financial flows thanks to a record number of reports from all sectors and professional groups that have to report suspicious transactions in our country. There were 46,330 reports of suspicious financial flows. This is about 15,000 more than in 2020 and almost double what it was in 2019.

Almost half of the reports (21624) came from banks, which is a record. In addition to banks and payment institutions, notaries (1,214 reports from 298 notaries) and bpost (1,082 reports) reported more suspicious transactions last year.

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