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Record breaking container ship MSC Diletta Zeeland | Walseren

RITTHEM – The container ship MSC Diletta passed several points in Zeeland en route to Antwerp on Saturday. With a draft of 15.90 meters, Colossus is the deepest vessel ever to sail through the West Scheldt.

Adri de Shipper keeps a close eye on all the boats that pass by from his home in Ryland. “Big ships pass through here often, but this one is very special,” he says. Schipper explains that MSC Diletta is one of the largest container ships in the world. With a draft of 15.90 meters this is a new record for the Western Sheld. ,, Last week a vessel with a length of 15.50 meters passed through. It was briefly maximal. He doubts any other ship will go that deep after the MSC Diletta. Vessels crossing the Sheld can have a maximum draft of 16 metres.

The 24,000 container MSC Diletta departed Portugal and has now arrived in Antwerp. For spotters, the container ship was a great opportunity to see anyway, as the skipper knew from experience. “A ship can only sail at high tide.” At Ritham, the vessel was sighted at 09:45 Ritham. In Hansweert, Ossenisse, Breskens and Bath, dozens of people set out to find the colossal colossus.

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