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Referee administration to penalize players' boast of protest rigor: 'A call for more respect' |  Jupiler Pro League

Referee administration to penalize players’ boast of protest rigor: ‘A call for more respect’ | Jupiler Pro League

De Bleecker announced the measure in a video message on Tuesday. “The Governing Body would like to reiterate that the referee’s optimistic protests will be dealt with sternly as discussed at the club’s press meeting last week prior to the start of the play-off matches.”

“This is to protect and respect the image and image of our football. Among other things, walking up to the referee to protest verbally, briefing the referee after the decision has been made and using upbeat arm movements to protest, will be severely punished.”

During the opening day of the play-off matches, there were several stages that set off alarm bells at PFR. For example, there were exceptions for Vadis Ogidja and Hein Vanheisbrück of Ghent in the match against KRC Genk.

“Last day, the referees took disciplinary action against this behavior in several matches. The same rules also apply to people in the technical area. In the event of a bragging protest, strict action will also be taken in the technical area.”

“The Referee Department will support the referees in making these decisions because it is in the general interest of football and also because at the international level this behavior is strongly rejected and dealt with by UEFA and FIFA.”

On Monday evening, the refereeing department had already called for respect during the play-off matches in a statement.

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